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Homemade Coconut Oil Deodorant


I’ve been on the hunt for an awesome natural chemical free deodorant for-EVER! Finally, I decided to do a little research about making my own. How happy was I to find that not only could I make a DIY deodorant that works, I could literally use stuff I already had at home.

Store bought deodorants contain many harmful ingredients which can be absorbed through your skin. These include parabens, triclosan, TEA & DEA, aluminum, etc. These chemicals are particularly harmful in the case of deodorant as many shave right before applying deodorant. Shaving causes imperceptible nicks in the skin, through which the chemicals can enter your body.

Maybe you already knew there are toxic chemicals in deodorant, but did you know they’re also in deodorants labeled “all natural”? Using Talc powder is also out. Talc particles have been found to cause tumors in the lungs and ovaries.Talc is dangerously similar to asbestos. So, what to use instead?

Home Made Coconut Oil Deodorant

- 3 tablespoons coconut oil

- 6 tablespoons bi-carb soda

- 6 tablespoons cornflour

- 5 drops of essential oil

I keep mine in a little container, and rub it on every day. It. Is. Awesome!


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