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Glycolic Acid Pads - Home-Peel Made Super Easy (& Affordable)


Are you freaked out about glycolic peels? Urban myths about lizard-like skin shedding may turn you off and freak you out, but when it comes to true, deep, glow-inducing exfoliation, a gentle peel may be exactly what you need. The best part? You can get these amazing results in the comfort of your very own bathroom. In fact, at-home versions can impart similar results to dermatologists with less downtime than an in-office treatment, especially if you have sensitive skin.

what is it

ASDM's Glycolic Acid Pads come in 10% and 20% strengths. Each cotton pad contains the exact amount of glycolic acid to do the perfect peel, with no wastage, every time.

hows it work

The physician grade glycolic acid contained in ASDM’s Glycolic Pads will gently and thoroughly retextures, decongests and renews skin surfaces. By sloughing away dead skin cells to encourage cell turnover and collagen production these skin-perfecting glycolic acid treatment pads smooth skin texture {including wrinkles} for a healthy, radiant glow. 

what do i do


1: Cleanse face with an oil-free cleanser.

2: Prepare skin with an alcohol/water solution (50/50 mixture). This will help to break up any oil on skin's surface for a more even application.

3: Have a neutralizing solution ready to stop the action of the acid if needed. We recommend a baking soda/water solution (50/50).

4: Smooth pad over face avoiding eye and lip area. Wait 2-3 minutes.

5: Rinse thoroughly with warm water. If needed, use neutralizing solution from step 3, to neutralize acid.

6: Apply a good skin moisturizer unto treated area. We recommend our Tepezcohuite Cream. Repeat peel once a week.


With 50 pads per container and the 10% starting at just $28.95, you can get almost a year's worth of weekly peels at under 60c a pop. How awesome is that! Trust me these foolproof peels will be your skin's {and you wallet's} secret weapon. 



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