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At Home, Affordable Treatment for Hyperpigmentaion, Melasma, Age Spots & Acne Scars


Whether it’s age spots, acne scars, melasma or many of the other names we use for facial or skin discoloration, suffering from it is no fun. Hyperpigmentation occurs when the enzyme tyrosinase forms into melanin, which is the actual skin darkening pigment. When looking to even skin tone, it is important to block or inhibit tyrosinase production, and also to effectively, yet gently, removed discolored skin cells.

the causes of skin discolouration

1. Sun: This is a biggie so make sure you keep out of the sun as much as possible, and of course wear a daily sunscreen like our non-toxic 30+ daily UV Physical Natural Facial Sunscreen.

 2. Hormones: Skin discolorations caused by hormones are also known as Chloasma and can be worsened by pregnancy and the use of birth control pills, or estrogen replacement therapy.

3. Medications: Certain medications that affect hormones can accelerate the melanin producing process that causes this discolouration. 

4. Injury to Skin: Hyperpigmentation may occur after an injury such as a sunburn, an acne or eczema or even after a cut, scrape, or burn. The best method when this occurs is to get acting on it ASAP. 


fighting skin disc

1. First up ALWAYS wear sunscreen and cover up as much as possible to stop hyperpigmentation and melasma happening in the first place! The sun will worsen any that you already have too, so this step really is a must for everyone.

2. Next, if hyperpigmentation has already occurred, you need to remove existing pigmented skin through the use of gentle exfoliation.

Hydroxy acids can not only remove the already discolored skin cells, but also may inhibit the formation of the tyrosinase enzyme, thereby slowing the process of melanin synthesis. Pumpkin enzymes like the ones present in our Pumpkin Glycolic Mask are also great for this purpose. A cream or serum containing arbutin like our Melasma 7 inhibits melanin production and can often lighten age spots as effectively as a laser.  3. Finally, you need to block the production of the tyrosinase enzyme at a cellular level. The use of anti-inflammatory agents, such as white, red, and green tea, plus licorice/kojic acid {check out our amazing Arbutin Skin Lightening Complex} helps because inflammation is a one of the factors that causes pigment formation. These extracts also may act as antioxidants, slowing many of the oxidation steps involved in melanin formation. Other ingredients that help with this are Vitamin C Serum and 2% Retinol Serum.


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