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What An Incredible Before & After...

The following Before & After is from a VERY happy customer. What a gorgeous little story from a lovely woman who has suffered with bad skin for years...  
Hi!  I would like to share my skin-success story with you! I have been using your products now for a while so this will be a kind of review/thank you i guess? I am 25+ and have always had bad skin, and i mean BAD (as you can see) I started ordering one or two products from you if i remember correctly, anyhow - i LOVED them - my skin LOOOOVED them! 
So i started this daily skin regimen with your products and after a while i extended this and included more products. I first tried the Tepezcohuite cream:
Tepezcohuite Cream
This cream got sucked right in, my skin felt like velvet and immediately all the redness and irritation just vanished in front of my eyes by every second i massaged it in. And the first morning i woke up after ONE night with this my skin was looking back at me in the mirror almost screaming "I LOVE THIS!" haha  I combined this with the 100% Pure hyaluronic acid serum, first i applied a thin layer BEFORE, but after a while i discovered (in a hurry) that you can take a dab of both, mix it and then massage it in - i ALWAYS do this before applying mineral makeup since i noticed it gives a "tightened/lift appearance" (hope you understand what i mean, my english is not the best)
Hyaluronic Acid Serum
So after a while my skin settled down (2nd pic) the infected red/blue/purple on top of a red and oily skin started to go away, leaving a glow and healthy skin, and i then ordered the "Beverly Hills microdermabrasion" after receiving a free sample of a "Pro microdermabrasion with teatree" - really super that you send samples. (i probably would not have ordered it otherwise cause it did not cross my mind to try one to be honest). The first time i was blown away, best microderm i have tried - hands down! So after using it a few times i noticed my skin started to look really smooth, but realized i needed something even MORE soothing just after the microderm days. 
Microderm Cream
So i ordered the "Pure Tepezcohuite serum" and that works like a charm. I put that serum in the Tepez cream when needed for extra moisture (cold & dry nordic climate) The Hyaluronic serum goes into/or before anything i use, the Tepez serum as well when needed (my skin lets me know) I also noticed that an oil i have for the T-zone goes in to the skin a lot easier and does a greater job together with the Hyaluronic serum. And the Tepez serum (with and without H acid serum depending on what foundation type liquid) is great as a primer under fluid foundation I also tried the "Double caffeine shot eye serum" which really is something in the mornings, wow! Love that too! 
Caffeine Eye Serum
(I also had a bad fall last winter, cracked my under lip/chin open - about 3cm. The scar healed so quickly and you can´t even see it anymore after using all this!) The products i have ordered from you that has done this really amazing job to sort out my skin is so NICE and kind to the skin, i never ever had this great complexion in my teenage & adult life! And it´s been a nightmare, thousands of dollars (10.000 SEK) in skin laser, microdermabrasions, acids treatments - you name it! And aaall the creams, Mene Moy, MDD, Ecuviance etc  - Strong acids, burning, itching, can´t be in the sun, can´t sweat cause it will sting when the pores open up, iscolouring on bed linnens and pillowcases, clothes, you don´t want to be touched in face and so on... Never ending story. - NIGHTMARE! But all the things i have tried from you is like a DREAM, smooth, matte, soft, looooove the smells, the result! EVERYTHING! I can´t begin to even try to explain how happy i am! THANK YOU! 
I will come back and order from you again and again, me and my skin has never been this happy, and you can see it not only on the surface, but in my eyes as well cause i am from the inside and OUT a much happier person! So again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Have a nice day and take care!  Much love and blessings! Vicky from Sweden   Well done Vicky! How exciting for you to be getting the skin you've always dreamed of.
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