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So in my pursuit of all things non-toxic and natural I stumbled across this little gem of a tip...brushing your teeth with activated charcoal for instant whitening!

before & after

Of course I had to test it out myself and to be honest, am quite impressed with the results.

charcoal...on my teeth

Yes indeed! Activate charcoal is actually found in all the store-bought whitening products and is used to remove coffee, tea and nicotine stains. Bonus is though, it can be used all on it's own and contains none of the nasties that the store-bought stuff is full of.

so, what do I do

activated charcoal tablet

First step is tracking down some Activated Charcoal. I ordered mine over the internet, however I'm sure you could find it in a pharmacy or a health shop. I was ideally look for for capsules or in straight powdered form {as i thought it would be easier to use} however, I could only get it in tablet form.

smashed charcoal

I just chucked the tablet in a small zip-lock bag and smashed it up; then I grabbed a wet toothbrush, dipped it straight into the bag, packed it with the powder and proceeded to brush!

charcoal teeth

After about 5 minutes I rinsed my mouth and brushed normally with toothpaste {I use JASON Sea Fresh Natural Toothpaste}.

b & a

I definitely noticed a difference just after the first go. I've tried to get the lighting the same in each pic to give you an accurate measure {note: my lips are a little darker in the second pic which I'm pretty sure is from the charcoal}. Apparently they get whiter each time so I'll be giving myself a weekly charcoal treatment to see if this is the case!


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Tou89Lou UK Lifestyle Blog

May 20, 2016

Cant wait to give this a try!
Thanks for sharing :)


May 20, 2016

How is this going? Have you noticed any more whitening since the 1st time? Thanks! :)

Skye ღ

May 20, 2016

Hey! I definitely did see improved whiteness but I stopped doing it for a while as my gums became sensitive.

Skye x