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>>> product review - rose hips black soap <<<


Want to be let in on an AMAZING all-natural, organic beauty secret must-have?



The Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash is an absolute best-seller on our site! Discover why YouTube and Facebook fans RAVE about this face wash. This is said to be the world's most effective, amazing face wash...and with good reason! Based on an ancient African formula, using REAL African Black Soap, this wash works like microdermabrasion to get rid of dead skin whilst evening skin tone, firming skin and fighting acne. Whilst South African Rose Hips Oil calms skin and works wonders on maturing skin.


So what is African Black Soap?
African black soap — also called anago soap, alata samina or ose dudu — has long been used for healing problem skin. Although a few of the original ingredients have probably changed a little, the age-old method of producing true black African black soap remains the same. Plantain peels, cocoa pods, camwood and palm kernels are roasted together in clay ovens. In order to make soap one must have oil and potash. The ashes of the pods and peels act as the potash, and the oil rich kernels exude their oil right in the clay oven. 


How do Shea Terra Organics source their African Black Soap?
The Yoruba tribe in Nigeria who are believed to have been the original makers of this black soap. Believed to be descendants from Egypt, the Yorubans carried their knowledge of herbal medicine westward. They developed black soap to cleanse the skin from harmful parasites, etc. Today they still cook it up in traditional manner by first creating the ash and then cooking the ash with oils such as shea butter to form the final product.


How will I benefit from using the Rose Hips Black Soap Face Wash?
> it's an amazingly gentle but powerful microdermabrasion <
> sloughs away dead skin cells <
> evens skin tone <
> reduces fine lines <
> firms skin <
> fights acne and blackheads <
> calms skin <
> renews for a healthy pink glow <


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