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100% pure argan + berbere fig hydra-toning serum


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  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • tones and firms skin on face and nack
  • increases elasticity
  • plumps skin cells
  • anti-aging

Hydra-tone your skin with one of the world's rarest, most costly oil: Berbere Fig Oil. 

"What is hydra-tone?" you might ask: Rare Bebere Fig Oil and Moroccan Argan Oil create a moisture retention barrier that plumps cells. These anti-aging gems help to tone skin while increasing elasticity. 

Berbere Fig oil is the latest sensation in beauty oils, but Berber women have used the anti-aging oil to tone and improve moisture levels for decades. One of the world's costliest oils, Berbere Fig oil is produced from the seeds of desert loving prickly pear fruits. Producing only a few drops of oil per fruit, this precious oil evens skin tone, plumps cells and balances moisture. 

Tammie Umbel {STO founder} was first introduced to Berbere Fig oil on one of her trips to Morocco. Her children enjoyed picking the red, thorny fruits and marveled at the men who dethorned the fruits with seemingly little effort. But the price of this costly oil deterred Tammie from introducing it to Shea Terra's sophisticated, yet cost conscious customers. Years forward, Tammie found a women's cooperative that produced the oil and had a change of heart. While not any less expensive, Tammie developed a super serum to maximize the benefits of one of the world's rarest beauty gems.

how to use

Massage several drops into freshly cleansed face.

Contains only: ECOCERT certified organic organ oil {argon spinosa}, ECOCERT Berbere fig oil {opuntia ficus-indica}, pomegranate seed oil {tunica granatum}