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100% Pure Berbere Fig Beauty Oil {Prickly Pear}


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  • 100% pure
  • higher vitamin E and antioxidant content than Argan Oil
  • penetrates skin
  • fights free radicals
  • smooths skin
  • decreases scarring and keloids
  • nourishes and hydrates

Discover for yourself what all of the beauty fuss is about. Experts claim that Berbere Fig Oil contains a much higher vitamin E and anti-oxidant content than argan oil. Berbere Fig (prickly pear seed) Oil is a light, penetrating oil which fights free radicals, smooths skin, decreases scarring and keloids as it produces more nourished, well hydrated skin.

Tammie, the founder of Shea Terra Organics tells her story:

Several years ago a Moroccan woman contacts me from France. She has this new power beauty oil that she has developed. We agree to meet in a café in Marrakesh. As we sit down to sweet mint tea and pastries, the well-spoken woman draws out a small bottle from her bag. Fig oil she says. “Fig oil,” I question in my head. Figs give oil? I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I know figs have tiny seeds. In fact I have beautiful fig trees that produce hundreds of delicious fresh figs, but oil? After much going back and forth on the subject I realized that what they are calling fig or Barbary fig oil is actually nopal or prickly pear from the Americas.

It is believed that Mexico and Morocco were once bound together before the continents drifted apart. Naturally occurring argan trees have been found growing in an area of Morocco, so it would seem natural that these transplanted cactus plants would grow so well in Morocco. In fact, they grow exceptionally well in this very dry, arid country that receives very little rain. Prickly pear cacti are often found planted as natural fences around people’s homes. They are found in abundance in the wild, which is a good thing because they offer a free food source.

I applied the oil to my forearm. It was emollient yet light. “This oil is going to become a very big thing,” stated the French raised Berber. “It is very nice on the skin,” I admitted. “How much?” What I heard next officially made Prickly Pear Oil the most costly fixed oil of all time. The oil priced in the hundreds per kilo. I am sure I winced, but insisted on retaining my smile, my outer appearance of calm. I didn’t want her to know that I was immediately out of the game. Due to the labor involved in argan oil it is a costly oil, but this? This bordered insane. I told her at that price the oil would never become a household beauty oil. She explained that the seeds were very difficult to get and they produced very little oil. To that I conceded. It is a difficult fruit to collect, on spiky cacti, and itself covered in thorns. As delicious as the fruits look on the cacti, I myself would never attempt to pick one. And imagine tripping! Uh…

Shea Terra and my discoveries have always been known to be on the forefront of beauty discoveries. But one thing I don’t do is sell high priced beauty products. I believe that all natural beauty can be and should be affordable. As a compromise I created a serum blend of Berbere fig and argan oils, a skin balancing oil. But recently I received an offer I could not refuse. As to be expected, with time, improved supply channels and good ole’ competition the price of Berbere fig oil has greatly dropped. While it is still the most expensive fixed oil that I know, it is now available to me in its 100% pure form at one-third my original quote. So you know what that means? I can now offer you a power packed beauty oil that won’t crash your bank account.

how to use

Apply several drops of oil to skin. Massage in. Use 1-2 times daily.

Contains only: 100% pure, cold pressed Berbere Fig Oil (prickly pear)