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tamanu + green clay purifying face + body cleansing bar


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  • 100% Pure and Natural
  • Wildlife Friendly Certified
  • Certified Organic
  • amazing all-natural acne fighter
  • highly anti-bacterial
  • anti-fungal
  • anti-ageing
  • green clay detoxes skin and clears pores

Discover why 100% Pure Tamanu Oil was featured on Dr. Oz show as a natural treatment for acne.Our pure Tamanu Oil is so effective because we source it in its pure, raw form straight from the Madagascar forests. This amazing oil is highly anti-bacterial and absorbs into the root of the acne to kill off bacteria fast. Our Pure Tamanu Oil acts as the emollient that the skin needs to stay supple and soft throughout the day. Scroll down to read more.

Unleash beautiful, clear skin with the beauty secrets of Madagascar. Growing in what remains of Madagascar's forests, the tamanu fruit has long been coveted for its skin healing, anti-ageing benefits. Green clay, known locally as argile vert, is favoured for purifying the skin. 

 Wild harvested tamanu oil contains a plethora of beneficial skin properties. From its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal constituents to its ability to repair skin, tamanu oil is valued by those in search of clear, healthy skin. Green clay pulls impurities from the skin resulting in clearer complexion. This unscented soap also contains 33% organic shea butter (after water evaporates) to soothe and soften the skin.

how to use

Face: Foam up bar in wet hands. Apply foam to wet face. Massage into skin. Rinse off. Follow up with one of Shea Terra Organics' facial toners and creams.

Body: Lather on wet skin. Rinse off.

Contains only: certified organic virgin coconut cream oil, spring water, 33% certified organic shea butter (after water is evaporated), certified organic extra virgin olive oil, sodium hydroxide (electrocuted salts which turn oil into soap), green clay, certified organic tamanu oil