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100% pure hair nutrition {growth + repair treatment}


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  • 100% natural
  • restores and drastically improves hair condition
  • feeds nutrition to the hair from the root to the tip
  • repairs limp, damaged hair
  • adds life back to hair without harmful chemicals
  • protects hair from future damage
Hair conditioning and repair products are filled with harmful chemicals that not only get absorbed through your scalp, they ultimately threaten the long-term health of your hair. When was the last time you researched the ingredients in your hair products? Even those touting shea butter, argan (aka Moroccan oil), etc. contain only a minuscule amount in a chemical laden formula.
Shea Terra Organics' Hair Nutrition Serum works by providing nutrition to the roots of the hair while coating it with herbs and oils known to repair limp, damaged hair. Our formula begins in ancient Egypt where herbal treatments for hair were developed over thousands of years. Arugula, carrot, lettuce and black seed oils grown along the nutrient Nile basin provide nutrition to the root of the hair. A generous amount of Moroccan argan oil softens and conditions the hair. The rich, thick oil of Kalahari's ximenia (wild plum) coats and protects it.

how to use

Place bottle into hot water to heat oil to a tolerable level. Massage warm oil into scalp and ends of hair. Leave on 30 minutes. Shampoo out. This product has not been tested on color treated hair.

Contains only: shea oil, wild plum oil, shea nilotica, carrot seed oil, baobab oil, black seed oil, avocado oil, argan oil, arugula oil, lettuce seed oil, rosemary verbenone essential oil, lavender essential oil, basil essential oil, rooibos, fenugreek, stinging nettle, neutral henna, amla