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100% pure african baobab oil


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100% Pure & Natural. Restore and regenerate skin with Africa's super-fruit oil. Baobab Oil is a light nutritive oil packed with omegas and anti-oxidants. This wild collected fruit oil soothes and repairs skin without a greasy after look. Calm varicose veins with daily application of this miracle oil. Got a wild mane? Baobab Oil tames hair as it conditions and revitalizes without weighing hair down. 

Dotting the African terrain is the infamous "upside down tree", the baobab. Many of these exotic looking trees are more than three thousand years old. They produce a highly valuable fruit, high in protein and vitamins. Inside these fruits are even more valuable seeds. Precious oil is pressed from these seeds producing a highly anti-aging oil rich in Omega fatty acids and vitamins A, D E & F. While the best way to get and maintain healthy skin is through diet, a ready supply of essential fatty acids and vitamins are not always available for the skin to use. By applying baobab oil topically, the dermis has an easily supply at its service. Baobab oil increases elasticity of the skin and decreases moisture loss. Discover for yourself the anti-aging secret of the ancient baobab tree. 
AS SEEN IN... Featured in Chicago Tribune article "Mirror, mirror on the wall What will be the biggest 2009 beauty trend of all? Simplifying" (December 14, 2008), and listed Shea Terra Organic's Baobab Face & Body Oil as a hot beauty trend for 2009. Also featured in New Beauty Magazine Daily Beauty (January 26, 2007).

how to use

Your skin changes daily. Pollutants that it comes across, sun exposure level, your vitamin and mineral intake, the quality and amount of your water, and so on all affect and change your skin. Likewise, the skin oils that you use should change from time to time. What works for you one week might not work for you the next week. Plus, your skin benefits from the different nutrients that comes with changing up your oils. If one week your face feels a little oily, use a lighter oil and vice versa. 
Daily Usage: Massage few drops into each of the five facial points. Lightly massage under eye.
Hair: Use when needed on hair

Contains only: 100% Pure baobab oil