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carrot seed + arugula nourishing face cream


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  • jam-packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids
  • improves texture
  • increases moisture content
  • dramatically reduces wrinkles
  • improves skin elasticity

Nourish aging, damaged skin with ingredients straight out of the Nile Valley of Egypt. Carrot seed and arugula oils provide much needed vitamins and essential fatty acids to hungry skin.

Is your skin hungry? Given the lack of nutrition due to modern day farming practices your skin could be malnourished. Tommie {STO founder} took the trip of a lifetime in search of life-giving Nile fed ingredients for this nutrient rich cream. Traveling an ancient route in the Nile Valley, she visited farms where 3,000 year old canals still feed crops from the Nile River today. Archaic wooden water wheels still lift water in little cuplets into channels which take the nourishing water to farms miles and miles away. She knew that this life giving water had to be the answer to one of modern day’s problems- lack of nutrition in an otherwise gluttonous world. She selected two of Egypt’s nourishing crops for this rich, anti-aging cream. Creating umbels (cluster heads of seeds, also Tammie’s last name), carrot plants produce flowers also known as Queen Anne’s Lace. The umbel contains dozens of seeds, each teeming with a vitamin rich oil. The oil is cold pressed and when applied to skin improves its texture, moisture content and dramatically reduces wrinkles.

Once almost unheard of in the Western diet, arugula is making a mean come back. The comeback is so feverous that it is now in one of Tammie’s new creams. But alas, many are still unfamiliar with this once popular “weed”. Its spicy, nutty flavor might be that certain punch that you experience in a fresh salad. It is also an Egyptian favorite as it is packed with vitamins. The seeds are even more powerful as they provide a potent anti-aging oil which improves the luster and elasticity of skin.

how to use

Massage small amounts of cream onto freshly washed skin. Repeat 1-2 times daily.

Contains only: pure spring water (no recycled water), carrot seed oil, arugula seed oil, vegetable emulsifying wax, natural based preservative (glucono delta-lactone), sodium benzoate