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100% pure egyptian carrot seed oil


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  • easily absorbs
  • feeds skin with pro-vitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamin E
  • protection from moisture loss
  • soothes skin
  • lessens the appearance of wrinkles
  • perfect for maturing and problematic skin types


The Original Egyptian Carrot Seed Oil 100% Pure, Natural & Virgin. Egyptian Carrot Seed Oil is a 100% pure, cold pressed oil pressed from the seeds of Queen Anne's Lace. 100% pure Egyptian Carrot Seed Oil is not the same as carrot infused oil or carrot seed essential oil. No, pure Egyptian Carrot Seed Oil is the complete oil extraction from carrot seeds grown in the Nile region of Egypt. This rich, emollient oil easily absorbs into skin feeding it with its pro-vitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamin E. Pure Egyptian Carrot Seed Oil offers all day protection from moisture loss as it soothes skin and lessens the appearance of wrinkles. Perfect for maturing and problematic skin types.

Standing alongside ancient Nile River canals, today three thousand years old, it is not difficult to see why the world turned to Egypt in search of wisdom to cure the ails of aging. The amazing canal system, still in use today, carried silt enriched water to produce food hundreds of miles around, flooding farms every thirty days. Fed by the same nutrient rich water and still strengthened by the energy of the relentless Sahara sun, herbage grown in Egypt is immensely powerful. 

 Energy of the Nile gives life to nutrient rich Egyptian Carrot Seed Face + Body Oil. This potent oil is high in vitamin A and beta carotene. Synthetic versions of vitamin A, dangerous to women in their reproductive years, are prescribed to create wrinkle free skin that is smooth and free of blemishes. This all natural source of vitamin A not only protects the moisture barrier of the skin, but it is also non-clogging and suitable for all skin types without dangerous side effects. Egyptian Carrot Seed Face + Body Oil is also recommended for scaly patches and sun damaged skin.
Unlike carrot seed essential oil, which is distilled from the seed, this is the whole, complete oil cold pressed from the seed. The seeds are collected from local growers and sent to the mill for pressing before being sent by air to Shea Terra Organics.

how to use

Your skin changes daily. Pollutants that it comes across, sun exposure level, your vitamin and mineral intake, the quality and amount of your water, and so on all affect and change your skin. Likewise, the skin oils that you use should change from time to time. What works for you one week might not work for you the next week. Plus, your skin benefits from the different nutrients that comes with changing up your oils. If one week your face feels a little oily, use a lighter oil and vice versa. 

Daily Usage: Massage few drops into each of the five facial points. Lightly massage under eye.

Contains only: 100%  pure Egyptian carrot seed oil