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100% Pure Egyptian Cucumber Oil {Cold Pressed, Nile Grown}


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  • 100% natural
  • cold pressed
  • 100% pure
  • nile grown
  • balances skin
  • soothing oil that's perfect for around eyes
  • hydrates all skin types

Who should use this oil: This oil is mostly recommended for oily to normal as well as mature skin types. 

Ancient Egyptians developed canals fed from the Nile using large wooden wheels that lifted the water using cups that moved along the wheels and dropped water into canals thus carrying the black silt for miles and miles away. The ancient wheels are still in use today. Though in the middle of the dry Sahara Desert, the black silt spreads across many farmlands making the desert arable. Not only does it enable crops to be produced in the desert, but it produces food more nutrient-rich than most places in the world. Hydrating cucumbers love the rich silt and grow in abundance in the Nile region. The seeds are rich in a nourishing oil. High in linoleic acid, Egyptian Cucumber Oil balances skin without clogging pores. High in tocotrienals and tocopherols, Egyptian Cucumber Oil soothes skin. Use all over face, around eyes and on cuticles. 

how to use

Apply several drops to freshly washed face. Great for around eyes and on cuticles.
*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Contains only: 100% pure, cold pressed cucumber seed oil