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black seed honey + mud beauty masque

> 150ml <
  • 100% Natural
  • brightens
  • clears, purifies and detoxes skin
  • fights blemishes
  • softens skin
  • pumps skin with moisture
  • 100% preservative free

Sometime before recorded history, from Egypt to Rome and Eastern Europe, a tiny black seed was revered as a cure it all. It was said that it could cure everything except death. It was used for exquisite culinary delights, to treat asthmatic conditions and even to strengthen the body against disease. The ancient people discovered a way to use stones to extract the healing oil from the seeds. Ever since then the oil has been highly prized for its ability to produce youthful looking skin. The rest is history.

Shea Terra Organics' exotic beauty masque is a cultivation of several of Tammie's {STO founder} trips in search of the most indigenous beauty secrets. She is a huge believer in the therapeutic powers of the black seed. Her culinary creations often play off the flavor of the tiny seeds. In Tammie's home the oil is taken to increase immunity, massaged into joints and into the scalp for healthy growth. Her love of black seed honey is a natural extension of her love for the seed. Egyptian bees produce the honey from the nectar they collect from the delicate black seed blooms. The honey both energizes the body when taken internally, and energizes the skin. The honey is not only anti-bacterial, but it also pulls moisture from the air resulting in plumper skin. The pure black seed honey also helps break down dead cells. Ground black seed is also added for its known anti-aging benefits and light exfoliation.

Tammie has also combined therapeutic black seed honey with ghassool {another one of her true loves}. When Tammie first mined the Moroccan clay {ghassool} from the mountains, she found it to be a rather moist compound that glistened in the lights. They took the hard, mud like clumps to a place where it was washed it {a true muddy experience} and then left it in the sun to dry into tablets. Ghassool is a true miracle mud. Nothing else exists like it in the world. It not only heals skin affected by wounds, diseases and acne, but it also purifies and softens the skin at the same time. Combined with the black seed honey the two work in synergy to do what it would take several skin care products to do.

As if that wasn't enough, calendula petals are added for their anti-inflammatory properties, sidr leaf for its astringent properties, organic cinnamon for its rejuvenating properties and myrrh essential oil for its anti-aging properties. The result is glowing, dewy, healthier looking skin.

how to use

Apply mask to slightly dampened skin. Skin will become warm as the masque goes to work. Leave on 15-30 minutes. Lightly exfoliate skin as you rinse masque off.

Egyptian black seed honey, ghassool, USDA certified organic vegetable glycerin, ground black seed, calendula petals, sidr, certified organic cinnamon, myrrh essential oil

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