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Caffeine Eye Serum


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  • diminishes wrinkles
  • alleviates puffiness
  • minimises dark circles
  • excellent hydration

Pep up your peepers with ASDM's refreshing Double Caffeine Shot Eye Serum. Jam-packed with nutritious vitamins and the latest anti-aging secret weapons. This little guy will not only increases circulation and reduce signs of puffiness & dark circles, but it will also hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes. Wake up refreshed, enthusiastic and with your best face forward

This powerful caffeine eye lifting serum reduces the signs of aging & stress by diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, alleviating puffiness, minimizing dark circles, & reducing skin sensitivity due to dehydration. Give your eyes the special care they deserve with this refreshing serum! 

how to use

Use twice daily, morning and night. Dab a small amount of product unto eye contour area, gently massaging using small circular motions. FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS, ALWAYS STORE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE AND HANDLE WITH CLEAN HANDS. 

Distilled Water, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, Rice Bran Oil (Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil), Camellia Seed Oil (Camellia Sinensis Leaf Oil), [Bees wax, HE Cellulose, Polyglyceryl Oleate], Eyeseryl ®, Syn-Ake®, Vitamin E Acetate (Tocpheryl Acetate), Arbutin, MSM (Dimethyl Sulfone), Silk Peptide (Hydrolyzed Silk), Silk Powder, Allantoin, Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate), Caffeine Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract (Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract, Glycerin), Lactobacillus Ferment.

more information on ingredients:

PURE CAMELLIA SEED OIL protects and nourishes the skin from free radical damage, refines young and mature skin. It contains anti-oxidants that help to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin.

PURE HYRALURONIC ACID is highly praised for its ability to "reverse" or stop aging. Hyaluronic acid was nicknamed "key to the fountain of youth" because it is a substance that naturally occurs in humans and animals. As you age the level of hyaluronic acid present in your body gradually diminishes.

CAFFEINE EXTRACT is effective in reducing dark circles under the eye area. Caffeine, when used as a topically applied ingredient, is a natural anti-inflammatory. Wrinkles and dark circles around the eye form as a result of swelling which can occur through the thinnest layer of skin. This swelling can lead to puffiness, which results in bruising. Since the area of the skin is thin, these bruises can appear easily and become a regular part of the appearance, causing dark under eye circles to form. Caffeine also has the ability to energize the area underneath the skin, through the inner surface layers of the skin.

EYESERYL is a tetrapeptide with anti-edema (helps to reduce accumulation of fluid under skin) properties with proven efficacy in reducing puffy eyebags in as little as 15 days.

VITAMIN E helps skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As a powerful antioxidant, it also helps protect skin from harmful free radicals in the environment.

VITAMIN C (MAP) is a water-soluble derivative of vitamin C that is rapidly gaining popularity in skin care. It's stand-out features are that it's nonirritating, and it's more stable than L-ascorbic acid. Research is also finding that it appears to be just as effective as ascorbic acid in the stimulation of collagen production. Overall, MAP(magnesuim ascorbyl phosphate) appears to be a better choice than vitamin C for people with sensitive skin and those wishing to avoid any concomitant exfoliating effects. (Most vitamin C formulas are highly acidic and therefore produce exfoliation)

SYNAKE is a small peptide that mimics the activity of Waglerin 1, a polypeptide that is found in the venom of the Temple Viper, Tropidolaemus wagleri. Clinical trials have shown that SYN®-AKE is capable of reducing mimic wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions.