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Post Peel Treatment Serum


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> 60ml <

  • professional strength neutralising solution
  • effectively increases PH to a neutral level
  • infuses skin with hydrating and healing actives
  • rebalances skin
  • reduces post peel inflammation/irritation

ASDM Beverly Hills' essential post peel treatment that not only focuses on re-balancing skin’s PH, but also delivers vital healing actives to accelerate skin’s healing rate. This is extremely important as it will reduce irritation, inflammation and maintain skin at a healthy state. Fortified with Pure Tepezcohuite Extract, Antarcticine, Hyaluronic Acid, and Aloe Vera. With this secret weapon, Chemical peels do not have to be painful!

how to use

Apply several pumps of Post Peel Treatment Serum unto clean fan brush included with packaging. Apply liberally unto face. You can apply several layers of product unto face until you’ve completely covered all treatment areas. Upon application, you will feel a warm, tingling sensation which is normal. Mild foaming is also expected as acid is being neutralized. Once foaming action has ceased, acid has been fully neutralized. Regardless, leave on for a full 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Follow up with your favourite moisturiser.

What is Antarcticine? Antarcticine is a glycopeptide derived from the Antarctic Sea, with cryoprotective, restructuring, and anti-wrinkle properties. Effectively retains water, preventing against dryness, stimulates the healing process accelerating the healing rate of minor wounds, increases collagen and elastin fiber production, and has an overall significant effect on deeper wrinkles