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kigelia africana after sun/firming face masque {raw powder form}


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> 150ml <

  • 100% natural
  • preservative free
  • firms and tightens
  • purifies and detoxes skin
  • anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • decreases redness
  • combats the effect of sun damage

Because we let you add the water, this product is preservative free. And because you only use one teaspoon per mask you'll get 30 incredible applications from one bottle. That's just over a dollar a mask!

There is merit in pampering your face with an odd looking sausage fruit. Hundreds of years of folk lore and herbal medicine reveal that this funny looking fruit has some major beauty enhancing powers. Have you seen the topless women seemingly without a care living in the southern African bush? Apparently these women have no need to be bounded by spandex and Velcro as their delicate female parts are, believe it or not, firmed by this amazing sausage fruit, kigelia Africana. If this folklore fruit can firm their bare bosoms, just imagine what it can do to firm your face and décolleté. And now modern scientific studies have found that it has powerful anti-aging and after sun benefits as well.

Firm your face and decollete area while repairing sun damage utilizing the amazing powers of the African sausage fruit- Africana kigelia. Native women in southern parts of Africa where the tree is indigenous, have used the fruit on their faces and breast as a firming treat for centuries.The fruits anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help to maintain healthy skin. Kigelia Africana's anti-inflammatory properties aid in decreasing inflammation and redness of the skin.

What is even more amazing about kigelia Africana, however, can be found in a modern scientific discovery. While looking at the effects that kigelia Africana has been offering native users, scientists discovered that kigelia Africana actually decreased melanoma cancer cells. Apparently the fruit destroys the cancer's cell lines. While Shea Terra Organics can not make medical claims, we do highly recommend Kigelia Africana Face & Decollete Masque become part of a daily regimen used to combat the effects of sun damage along with other sun protection treatments.

how to use

Use Kigelia African Face & Decollete Masque 2-7 times a week. Put a half tsp. powder in bowl. Add enough hot water to make powder into a semi-liquid mask. Allow to set 5 minutes. Apply mask to face. Allow to set 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with tepid water. Mask can also be used with live cultured yogurt, rose water as well as other beneficial liquids of your choice.

Contains only: pure kigelia Africana sausage fruit