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Nigerian Black Palm Hair Oil


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  • 100% natural
  • indigenous Nigerian hair oil
  • stimulate growth
  • strengthens
  • deep conditions
  • creates a deep shine
  • conditions scalp

This gorgeous Indigenous Nigerian hair oil made by roasting locally grown palm kernels and extracting the resulting oil. This is an age-old, traditional oil used to stimulate growth and strength of hair. Use as a hot oil treatment to deep condition hair. 

As the Egyptians were growing long, lustrous hair with their black castor oil, the Nigerians were improving their tresses with Nigerian Black Palm Hair Oil. This traditional treatment for improving hair condition and strength is still valued amongst the Nigerian women today. The science behind the oil's success has to do with the production of sulfur from roasting the kernels. Sulfur in the oil helps to stimulate hair growth as the oil conditions and protects hair. When lightly heated Nigerian Black Palm Hair Oil deep conditions hair leaving it softer and shinier. 

Purchase of Nigerian Black Palm Oil gives a valuable economic opportunity to the women of the villages who produce their traditional oil. As they have done for hundreds of years, Nigerian women collect palm kernels from their local village. The oil is released from the kernels as they are roasted. This oil is very different from the red oil which is pressed from palm fruit. The oil is collected, filtered and flown to our factory where it's bottled. Nigerian Black Palm Oil is collected from a sustainable source. The women utilize the palm fruits that they grow on their own lands.
Unsustainable palm oil is produced from large companies that cut down thousands of acres in order to produce palm oil. This sort of production is indeed destroying wildlife habitats (with the exception of orangutan habitats - those are in Asia, not Africa).
We do not support the production of unsustainable palm oil. 

how to use

Lightly heat oil. A candle warmer is handy for this purpose. Apply oil to hair. Leave in for 30-60 minutes. Shampoo out. 

Contains only: 100% pure, roasted Nigerian palm kernel oil