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Qasil - Somali Secret Soap Leaf Face Cleanser {raw powder form}


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> 150ml <

  • 100% Natural
  • soap free
  • gently cleanses and conditions without over drying
  • purifies and deeply cleans skin
  • hydrates

Want to go really RAW & WILD? Discover the amazing soap-free cleansing powder of the Somaliland women. Straight from the tree to you! Shea Terra Organics' cleansing powder gently cleanses and conditions gentle facial skin. "Leaves" skin looking and feeling moist. Use once a day to avoid over use of soap or replace soap and just wash with a super cool leaf.

Skin can often become overly dry and brittle from over use of soap. Your face can be brilliantly clean and pleasantly hydrated at the same time by using this age-old secret of this nomadic tribe. Traveling through dusty drought lands beside cattle with children in tow, the women of Somaliland and Ethiopia find purifying relief from the leaves of the wild gob tree. Pesticide free leaves are dried and crushed into a fine powder which they mix with water to form a mask. High in saponins, this natural powder beautifully cleanses the skin while it lightly exfoliates. Not only will Qasil Soap-Free Cleansing Herb make your skin beautiful, you will feel good knowing that this sustainable product provides a source of income for women living below the poverty line.

how to use

Place 1/2 tsp. in bowl. Add hot water, enough to make a semi-liquid mask. Apply warm mask to face and set 5-15 minutes. Apply water to face and gently work the scrub into face, and then rinse off.

Contains only: 100% pure Qasil leaf powder

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